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Past Opportunity


Farmstead is one of the companies I am most excited about on the list.

  1. They are in the super fast growing grocery delivery space.
  2. They are still very small so there is a lot of opportunity to make a big impact.
  3. Their philosophy on grocery delivery seems right. I think they can beat Amazon and Instacart in the long run.

But this post isn’t about that. If you want to read about why I love Farmstead you can read that here.

This post is about their recent post to hire a Product Manager.

At a high level they stated

We are growing explosively and because of our small engineering team, we are ready to hand over huge chunks of responsibility to smart, reliable people who get things done.

This is going to be an important role!

They are looking for:

You are a metrics-led decision maker who’s not afraid to take a leap of faith when necessary. You thrive working on difficult problems in complex systems, and you’re able to make progress on multiple projects at once without being overwhelmed. You collaborate effectively with a wide variety of job types and communication styles, and you think through the impact of each decision on every area of our business.

You’re used to working in a fast-paced startup culture, and you know that it may take many iterations and experiments to see any improvements on your KPIs. You stay flexible and help keep the team moving forward by staying positive and making sure we’re always working on the most impactful things first.


  • Solid technical background
  • Product management experience, preferably at a logistics or operations focused company
  • Experience running data-led experiments and tracking results
  • Strong prioritization skills
  • Obsession with data integrity and getting accurate feedback
  • Willingness to take defensible risks
  • Considerate team player
  • Bonus points for experience working on a distributed team

My BIG question in a role like this is:

  1. Pay
  2. Equity

As long as they are sufficient this will be a great ride at a company that could change the world.

If I were applying, I would approach it like a sales opportunity.

First I would look up the key players.

This is not everyone who works at Farmstead but people that seem to relate to the product. I also included the co-founders for obvious reasons.

Once you have them all listed, find out if you know any of them personally or if you have a mutual connection.

The goal is to have a conversation.

Remember, you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

In my case, I don’t know any one on the team personally but Pradeep the cofounder went to the University of Maryland. I also went to the University of Maryland.

I would use this to start a conversation.

Here is an example email:

Two key points here.

  1. Follow up is key.

    Don’t just reach out to one person. Reach out to as many people on the team as you can have a good conversation with.
    Ex: Christian Pryer joined the company in February and was previously at Amazon. He is someone a Product manager would probably interact with often. Could you set up a Zoom with him to better understand the company, how it operates and if you would be a fit?

    Send that email!

    Learn about the organization. Again, you’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.

To some people see this as pushy. To create a world changing organization you have to push.

Farmstead is working on building that type of organization.

Don’t just apply and wait to hear back. If you want to work there and help them change the world, push!

Successful Featured Companies

Sold to Paypal for $5B Dollars

Based on the typical start up math that means to be a millionaire at Honey you only need to own .025% of the company. Typically the first 20-50 hires own that much equity, that means they are very likely millionaires today. The next 50-150 probably did not receive a million dollars but a few hundred thousand doesn’t hurt either.

Honey was one of our first featured companies that had an exit after we sent it to our newsletter subscribers.

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