Thank You For Your Help.

I am looking for help updating my Webflow site. Right now it is a normal website with just writing on it but I want to make it more interactive. My thought is it will have many boxes like ( that when you click on them you will subscribe to that company and from there you will start to receive an automated weekly email with job opening from the Rocketship companies that fit your selection.

I know I can do this with Webflow and Jetboost to power the website and the favoriting process. I can use Airtable to power the CMS content and I can use Parabola to power the automation of the email content.

Do I know how to put it all together right now? Not really but that is where I need your help. I can figure out how to do it, I am sure but I would rather work with someone to do it.

It will be a paid collaboration of sorts. I want you to do it but I want to be involved. Whether that is by Loom or working along side each other on Zoom (this one would be harder).

Anyone interested / know someone that could do this for me? I am excited about the project but don't have the time to execute.

Thanks in advance :)

Please Email Me at